Weekly Tanya Class
Just over 200 years ago, in the year 5557 (1796), Tanya, was published for the first time — and
its 5000 editions since have repeatedly invigorated the Jewish world with a message of informed inspiration.
In this brief classic, Rabbi Shneur Zalman articulated the Chabad Lubavitch School of Chasidic thought, filtering the mystical teachings of the Baal Shem Tov through the intellectual framework of traditional Jewish scholarship.
Tanya addresses itself to the aspirations and challenges of the "average" person. It presents a systematic approach both to an individual's moral and spiritual development and to a conceptual awareness of Divine immanence.
It is far from a detached, armchair study. Throughout, the study pulsates with life as the student is nudged out of the academicians’ complacency and is swept up in the quest for
G‑dliness and self-perfection that comprises Tanya.

led by Rabbi Mendy Uminer

at Chabad at Chestnut Hill

For more information call 617-738-9770 or email rabbi@chabadch.com