Purim Project


Mishloach Manot
Mishloach Manot Gift Baskets-Sign up today to participate

Chabad at Chestnut Hill will once again be preparing Mishloach Manot-Purim gift packages to be delivered to the members of the community. This is a great opportunity for you to participate in this special Purim Mitzvah as well as wonderful community building project! You select families from our member list that you would like to receive a Shalach Manot Package & your name will be included on a card that accompanies the gift. Each member will receive ONE package with any greetings they received.

Participate in the special Mitzvah & unique opportunity by logging onto:
www.chabadch.com/purimproject and entering your unique username and password - for this info please email [email protected].

DEADLINE: All submissions must be received by Wednesday March 9th.

PRICING: The The initial cost of  participation is $60 for the first 3 Purim Gifts and an additional $10 for each one thereafter.
For the special price of $360.00 you will be able to sign your name on as many of your friends gifts as you would like. YES!! - you can include a personal message to EVERY member you would like for just $360. Please choose only those people that you know.

RECIPROCITY: Once you have made your initial 3 choices, you can check the Reciprocate box, you will then automatically be able to be reciprocate to those friends who have chosen to sign their name on your gift & you may have forgotten on you original list. You will be billed for the additional cost of the reciprocals, at $10 per reciprocal.

EXTRA PACKAGES: Can be ordered for $54 each, these can be picked up at Chabad.

DELIVERY: If you are able to help pack the Purim gifts on Sunday February 21st or to deliver the Purim Gifts on Monday -Tuesday Feb 22-25 please contact 
[email protected] Drivers are needed to deliver the packages in a timely & organized fashion.

If you know a community member that has inadvertently been left off of the list please let us know. 

For additional information, please contact [email protected]