Aleph Champ-Hebrew Reading program:
All classes from 1-6 join together for “Aleph Champ” this is our Hebrew reading program. This innovative Hebrew Reading Program, is modeled after the karate system of motivational colored levels. Kids start out on the White Champ Level, with a complete line of white champ learning tools, and work their way up - with great incentives - through the colored levels. It is individualized and allows kids at all ages/levels to work at their own pace.

Hebrew Language:
All students proficient in Hebrew reading will work on beginning Hebrew Language skills- building on Hebrew Vocabulary that is already incorporated into the other parts of the curriculum.

Classes divide out for tefilla-it covers a few of the daily prayers including Modeh Ani, Adon Olam & Shema

Judaism & Jewish Holidays:
Every grade covers different appropriate curriculum to teach relevant Jewish concepts & mitzvoth. This curriculum is interchangeable with the Jewish Holidays Curriculum.

Torah & Jewish History:
Each grade focuses on different sections of the Torah & Periods in Jewish History. Starting with Bereshit/Genesis and going through until Modern Times.

Torah Trivia Time:
From Grades 3 and up: Students with learn & review many general knowledge Jewish facts they need to know by the time they are finished Hebrew School. (TTT is a quick 10 min part of the morning)
It will include the following concepts:

  • What is a Mitzvah
  • Special Days -Rosh Chodesh * Shabbat
  • Jewish Months of the year
  • Torah level 1- *6 Days of Creation *Adam & Chava *Noach *Avraham *Sarah *Yitzchak *Rivkah *Yaakov *Leah *Rachel
  • Jewish Symbols
  • Torah Level 2
  • 5 books of the Torah- Names & brief outline
  • Ten Commandments
  • Lifecycles