15 incredible local women will take the stage in a performance that promises to take your breath away! Through modeling, acting, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments & displaying their talents, each local artist will model a true Jewish Celebrity- an inspirational woman in our history & bring their life & lessons to life for us, in our very own "Broadway" production.
Wearing impeccably detailed time period costumes, combined  with their finely honed professional talent - they promise to make this an evening to remember.
Enjoy seeing each of the historical women listed below come alive and find relevance from their experiences, in your life. 

look back to our past,  appreciate our present & anticipate our future!


  • Sarah The Matriarch - Power of Motherhood- modeled by Linda Nussbaum expressed through ancient drum music.

  • Miriam The Prophetess - Power of Faith- Modeled by Sofiya Zaytseva & accompanied by Irene Piryatinsky in Ancient Egyptian Tambourine Ballet Dance.

  • Devorah The Judge - Power of Leadership - Modeled by Yelena Geiler in a powerful victory war dance.

  • Ruth the Moabite - Power of Choice- Modeled by Michelle Gurvits accompanied by Naomi (Ruth’s Mother in law) Modeled by Liliana Glik in a musical duet conversation.

  • Queen Esther - Power of Loyalty- Modeled by Jessica Pearlman accompanied by girls Rena Branover, Lianna Groysberg & Talia Pearlman in a Royal Dance.

  • Donna Garcia, Marrano of Spanish Inquisition - Power of Identity- Modeled by Jacqueline Novikov in a Ladino Opera piece.

  • Lala Suleka - Power of Sacrifice- Modeled by Jean Furman singing about the life of this young girl.

  • Ancient Yemenite Bride - Power of Tradition- Modeled by Carmit Dahan in dance.

  • Hanna Szenes - Power of Courage- Modeled by Abigale Reisman, expressed by playing Hanna’s poem or “el-li el-li” on violin.

  • Mariasha the Jewess who defied Russian Communism - Power of Defiance- Modeled by Vika Ko in a monologue act.

  • The Modern Jewish Woman - modeled by Valerie Hasson, Debra Milgram & Stacey Klein.

  • Jewish Women of the Future - modeled by girls in our community.