Bat Mitzvah Milestone Course for Adults

Bat Mitzvah Milestone Course for Adults
Introducing the Bat Mitzvah Milestone course for women. This is a new curriculum being offered to women who may be interested in becoming a Bat Mitzvah as an adult. This is an opportunity for those who never had a Bat Mitzvah or maybe had one but was not necessarily spiritually connected.

The goal is to gain insight, learn and connect. This will be a small, intimate group, so space is limited. Classes will be once per month on Tuesday evenings starting on Tuesday October 25. There are 9 classes culminating with a Bat Mitzvah celebration.
Course Dates: Tuesday Oct 25 | Nov 15 | Dec 13 | Jan 17 | Feb 14 | Mar 21 | Apr 18 | May 16 | Jun 6
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Bat Mitzvah Milestone Course for Adults   Nov 15, 2022
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