During the High Holidays the Doors to Heaven are open to all…So are ours!

Services with Chabad at Chestnut Hill are designed to make everyone feel welcome and at home. The prayers, conducted with Hebrew/English prayer-books, are lively, engaging and inclusive- spiced with inspiring tunes and insightful explanations throughout- allowing all to absorb the experience at their own level and pace.

Whether you consider yourself Reform or Conservative, Orthodox or Unaffiliated, Sefardi or Ashkenazi: at Chabad, the labels and classifications fall away- as all stand equally beloved before G‑d. Sermons and announcements likewise speak to all participants, and are always topical, relevant, stimulating and enlightening

First day of Rosh Hashanah and the entire Yom Kippur
at The Baker School Auditorium | 205 Beverly Road

All other services at Chabad | 163 Bellingham Road

Rosh Hashanah

Sunday, September 29
  Light candles 6:12pm
  Evening services at Chabad 6:00pm
Monday, September 30
  Morning Services at Baker 9:00 am
  Children's Services 10:00am
  Shofar Sounding 11:30am
  Tashlich Services at Larz Anderson Park Lake 6:00pm
(depart Chabad at 5:30)
  Evening Services at Chabad 6:30pm
  Light Candles after* 7:10pm
Tuesday, October 1 at Emeth
  Morning Services 9:00am
  Children's Services 10:00am
  Shofar Sounding 11:30am
  Evening Services 6:30pm
  Holiday Ends 7:08pm

Yom Kippur

Tuesday, October 8
  Light Candles | Fast begins 5:57pm
  Kol Nidrei Services at Baker 6:15pm
  Children's Service 6:45pm
Wednesday, October 9
  Morning Services at Baker 9:00am
  Children's Service 10:00am
  Yizkor Memorial Service 11:30am
  Mincha and Neilah Closing Service at Baker 4:45pm
  Fast Ends followed by light buffet Break the Fast 6:54pm


Sunday, October 13
  Light Candles 5:48pm
  Evening Services 6:00pm
  Community Dinner in the Sukkah
RSVP required
Monday, October 14
  Morning Services 10:00am
  Evening Services 6:00pm
  Light candles after* 6:46pm
Tuesday, October 15
  Morning Services 10:00am
  Evening Services 6:00pm
  Holiday Ends 6:45pm

Hoshana Rabbah, Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah

Sunday, October 20
  Morning Services 8:30am
  Light Candles 5:37pm
  Evening Services followed by Kiddush and Hakafot 6:00pm
Monday, October 21
  Morning Services 10:00am
  Yizkor Memorial Services 11:15am
  Evening Services followed by Kiddush and Hakafot 6:00pm
  Light Candles after* 6:36pm
Tuesday, October 22
  Morning Services 10:00am
  Followed by Kiddush & Hakafot 11:00am
  Evening Services 6:00pm
  Holiday Ends 6:34pm

*light only from a pre-existing flame