Aleph Champ-Hebrew Reading program:
All classes from 1-6 join together for “Aleph Champ” this is our Hebrew reading program. This innovative Hebrew Reading Program, is modeled after the karate system o f motivational colored levels. Kids start out on the White Champ Level, with a complete line of white champ learning tools, and work their way up - with great incentives - through the colored levels. It is individualized and allows kids at all ages/levels to work at their own pace.

Hebrew Language:
All students proficient in Hebrew reading will work on beginning Hebrew Language skills- building on Hebrew Vocabulary that is already incorporated into the other parts of the curriculum.

Classes divide out for tefilla-it covers a few of the daily prayers including Modeh Ani, Adon Olam & Shema

Judaism & Jewish Holidays:
Every grade covers different appropriate curriculum to teach relevant Jewish concepts & mitzvoth. This curriculum is interchangeable with the Jewish Holidays Curriculum.

Torah & Jewish History:
Each grade focuses on different sections of the Torah & Periods in Jewish History. Starting with Bereshit/Genesis and going through until Modern Times.

Torah Trivia Time:
From Grades 3 and up: Students with learn & review many general knowledge Jewish facts they need to know by the time they are finished Hebrew School. (TTT is a quick 10 min part of the morning)
It will include the following concepts:

  • What is a Mitzvah
  • Special Days -Rosh Chodesh * Shabbat
  • Jewish Months of the year
  • Torah level 1- *6 Days of Creation *Adam & Chava *Noach *Avraham *Sarah *Yitzchak *Rivkah *Yaakov *Leah *Rachel
  • Jewish Symbols
  • Torah Level 2
  • 5 books of the Torah- Names & brief outline
  • Ten Commandments
  • Lifecycles